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Photo credits: Niels Knelis

Photo credits: Jasper Bolderdijk

Eurosonic / noorderslag

What a week! We performed six times in four days during Eurosonic / Noorderslag in Groningen. A packed Dogs Bollocks and O’Mally’s, cheerful faces at the station and barbers who shave their customers while swinging on our music. It was amazing!

Special thanks to POPgroningen for this great opportunity! We are incredibly proud to be able to perform among all musical talent in Groningen, but we are just as proud of our audience! Thank you very, very, very much for all the great reactions, improvised dance steps and good care!

A number of our performances had been recorded on video. We played in a ‘glass house’ during the Chordify Sessions and in a moving (serious!) Bus from QBuzz. These videos will be online soon. 

Good news is coming, but first we will write more music, record it and have it printed on vinyl!

The Dog’s Bollocks – Wednesday, Januari 15

O’Malley’s – Thursday, Januari 16

QBuzz Sessions – Friday, Januari 17

Chordify IDK sessions – Saturday, Januari 18

De Zwarte Raaf – Saturday, Januari 18

Rootssonic (Riemer)  – Saturday, Januari 18

Photo credits: Johan Wolfrad

Them Dirty Dimes

They both made music, went to the same schools and even did their study in the same town. Still, it took quite some years before the love for pre-war music brought singer Gijs de Groot and songwriter Johan Stolk together. But once they met, they really hit off.

Within a year, Them Dirty Dimes had an album worth of songs and brought down small hall Oosterpoort (Groningen) and main stage Patronaat (Haarlem). Wessel de Vries (drummer) and Severiano Paoli (double bass) are the driving force, trumpetteer Joas Zuur takes the songs to a higher level.

The diverse set takes you from New Orleans swing to late night jazz and from gypsy to blues, but always instantly recognizable thanks to the dark voice and the fine details. The ambitions are high, and as skilled mood makers they can’t wait to liven up the festival season of 2020.

Photo credits: Wouter Brem

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Cameras: Frank Baas, Paul Bergers, Lukas Strijks  Video edit: Paul Bergers Audio mix and mastering: Nick Habermehl Production: Dion ten Heggeler

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