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Them Dirty Dimes made a dream start last year, when they received flaming reviews, got selected for the Northern part of Eurosonic 2020 and supported Eilen Jewell in the Oosterpoort Groningen and Patronaat Haarlem. With great response, and even higher ambitions.

“Them Dirty Dimes quickly grow to top class act” – The Next Gig
Them Dirty Dimes are inspired by ragtime, jazz and dixieland, and are the Dutch response to the pre-war revival led by Pokey LaFarge, Meschiya Lake and CW Stoneking. The diverse set consists of 100% original material: catchy songs, with a convincing dark voice.

The plan was as ambitious as it was simple: fresh music in a 1920s striped suit. Throwing swing, jazz, gypsy and blues in a shaker for some tasty illegal substances: Them Dirty Dimes take you back in time with their twangy guitar, double bass, easy drums and a bit of brass to top it off. 

After a day in the studio and a few swinging try-outs, they’re getting ready to enter the national and international stages in 2020. Or Maybe sooner: keep an eye out for Them Dirty Dimes.

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Them Dirty Dimes

Gijs de Groot: Croonin’ the Voice
Johan Stolk: Layin’ the Chords
Wessel de Vries: Keepin’ the Beat
Severiano Paoli: Pluckin’ the Bass
Joas Zuus: Blowin’ the Horns


Contact: Wessel de Vries
Phone: +31(0)6 272 610 41

Based in Groningen
The Netherlands

'In Gold We Trust' demo (July, 2019)

'Blue Print' radio show (October 2019)


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